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Irish Sea Conservation Zones was a project to help secure a healthy and productive future for the coast and waters of the Irish Sea.  
The project worked to recommend parts of the Irish Sea project area for a new form of marine protection called Marine Conservation Zones.
The final recommendations for 19 Marine Conservation Zones in the project area were passed to government advisory bodies in August 2011.
You can download details of the final recommendations from the MCZ recommendations page of this websie.
The recommendations were developed over 18 months by the project's Regional Stakeholder Group, which brought together around 40 people with a wide variety of interests and expertise in the Irish Sea.
It was the first time in the UK that such an ambitious project of marine protection had been led by sea users. You can find out more here.
For more information about the MCZ designation process you email mczproject@jncc.gov.uk or visit:
If you would like to stay up to date with developments in the project nationally, please sign up for the national MCZ newsletter